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Why Use Us

Because we at EC Fixers specialise in plasterboard fixing, and as mentioned in our "services" section, if you want to achieve a high class finish you need to employ people who specialise in what they do.

"The days of the DIY man fixing the house has passed. If you want a high class finish you need to start by employing people who specialise in what they do."

Seven Simple Steps To A great Finish?

  • ›› Use a builder thats been recommended (or you have seen their work)
  • ›› Use 13mm board on metal battens at 600 centers
  • ›› Use architrave doors and windows
  • ›› Use specialty boards in wet areas
  • ›› Select feature walls early so that the premium board can be used or a high level finish can be applied
  • ›› Use a qualified installer, such as EC Fixers Ltd
  • ›› Use a qualified stopper and painter

If you are building with a group home builder, insist they use these systems, the little extra it costs will save a lot of hassles later on down the track. Visit www.gib.co.nz for more helpful building tips

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